Raijin's Gloves of Shocking

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Strife became attuned to these on 04/03/2015.

Raijin’s Gloves of Shocking
Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Attunement)
Attunement Class Requirements: Monk or Fighter
+1 to attack rolls
+2 to damage rolls

These gloves are made from silver scale, and have been magically enchanted to store electrical charges between the scales of the gloves. They are capable of storing up to 3 charges, and any given attempt to charge the gloves creates d6/2 charges (rounded up).
When a target is successfully hit with an unarmed attack using these gloves, you may choose to expend one charge to deal an additional 2d4 lightning damage to the struck target. If the target is wearing any metal, those items are then charged with a collective 1d4 charges. When any of those metal items is struck by any attack, a charge is expended and the wearer is shocked for 1d8 lightning damage. The charges in those items remain after 1 day, until they are separated by more than 5 yards of distance between each item (only when there are multiple charged items), or when all of the items are submerged in water (whichever comes first). Rain will also disrupt the charges.

Raijin's Gloves of Shocking

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