A powerful Archmage, of near demi-god like status, has been given glimpses of the horrible future that is to be without his intervention. The images come from none other, than himself in the very distant future. Events have already be set into motion that will lead to the same inevitable future, but there is still a few decades in this current time line, before no amount of change can save the world.

The Archmage has focused most of his energies into developing an incantation that will unravel the web of time, and pluck from it the few champions that working together can prevent their realities from ever happening. Those selected by the ritual will travel years, potentially hundreds if not thousands, into their past to make sure history turns out differently.

This will be a high tier adventure(s) starting at level 10. Ideally we will have 6 to 8 players. Prior will be generating the possible champions to be selected, and will work with their owner’s on how they function. Personalities and backgrounds, minus a few key elements, will be left to the players. Prior has hinted that the Race/Class combinations will be very unorthodox and intended to shift peoples perspective on what works in D&D.

The campaign will pull from ALL 5e material released by Wizards of the Coast, as well as multiple house rules borrowed from other versions (and in some cases created) for this game. The world will be as close to an open world for the players to explore, but they will be guided through it by their DM.

It is likely that Roll20 will be utilized for this, but only as a general meeting place and “table-top” to play on. Imagination is at the heart of D&D and Prior feels that set background, terrains, maps, icons, sprites, etc… take away from them vivid images that the mind can create. All his being said, when a map needs to be drawn, it will be by free-hand.

That is all that Prior is willing to share right now. If it looks like this will become a reality, he will be looking for some help from the community in created maps, scenarios, even non-player characters, and artwork (because it is awesome). If this gets good feedback from the community, perhaps the mini-campaign will continue and turn into a staple adventuring group with a regular player base and schedule.


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