Fanatic's Spellguard Monarch

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Ao became attuned to this on 06/01/2015.

A magical shield found by Prior in Zhenoth’s dragon horde after the groups adventure into Thundertree. The item was created as a direct result to a donation by the twitch user: Fanatic442

The shield grants the bearer the standard +2 Armor, as well as +2 magical Armor and Saving Throws. The attuned wielder can use their action to activate the magical bonus as an 20 foot aura that benefits creatures of their choosing. The maximum number of minutes the aura can be active is equal to 5 + the attuned characters level, and it is a free action to mute the aura. The bearer must be conscious to provide the aura.

Bearer Stats: +4 AC, +2 Saves
Aura Stats: +2 AC, +2 Saves

Fanatic's Spellguard Monarch

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