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Martial Archetype

If you are playing a female character you can be called a Shieldmaiden.

Shield Bash: Beginning when you chose this archetype at 3rd level, when you are using a shield you can use a bonus action to attack with the shield. Your shield is considered a weapon to you, you are proficient with it and it deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage per 1 AC of the shield.
At 10th level, when you make an attack of opportunity, you can make a Shield Bash as part of the same reaction.

Board Mastery: Starting at 7th level, you can spend 1 hour preparing your shield. This feature lasts on the shield until you preform this task again. You must be conscious to gain the benefit. Other creatures do not gain the benefit from this feature if they use your shield.

  • Bladed – increases your shield bash damage to 1d6 slashing or piercing damage
  • Polished – if you successfully make a saving throw against a spell or spell-like effect, you can choose another creature (including the spellcaster) you can see within 30 feet of you. The spell targets the chosen creature instead of you and the chosen creature makes its own save.
  • Stalwart – effects cannot reduces your maximum hit points and the benefits from temporary hit points are doubled. If your maximum hit points are already reduced, this does not remove any existing effect.
  • Unwavering – you take half damage from area of effect spells or spell-like effects (PHB. 204)

Rampart: At 10th level, you can add your shields armor to your saving throws.

Safeguard: At 15th level, you gain the ability to move up to half your speed immediately to an unoccupied space next to a friendly creature who is the target of a weapon attack, as a reaction. The attack is made at disadvantage and you are the target. You can use this ability in place of your Action Surge. You must be able to move to use this feature.

Shield Wall: Starting at 18th level, when you are conscious, wielding a shield and not surprised, if a creature makes an attack roll against you and hits, they must roll a second time. The second roll must be enough to hit you, or the attack misses. This does not apply to when you are critically hit.


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