Loot Log

2/07/2016 – Loot from the Roots

(Palna) 2x 1st level spell scrolls
(Palna) Periapt of Wound Closure
Sentinel Shield
3x Healing potions
1x Greater Healing potion
14x Rubies, 100g each
29x Sapphires, 50g each

6/29/2015 – Loot

(Palna) Boots of Springing and Striding

6/22/2015 – Loot

(Girgintius) Dragonguard Breast Plate (Resist & Adv on Saves Breath Weapons)
(Prior) Lightbringer (Mace forge with Lathander’s favor)
(Strith) 32 gold, 3 diamonds (100g each), wooden pipe with platinum filigree (150g)

6/15/2015 – Not 50 Shades of Grey

(Group Loot) coins of all types equaling about 650 gold.

6/01/2015 – Attunements

(Alafa) Staff of Elemental Power +2 Custom Item
(Girgintius) Greatsword of Sharpness
(Palna) Frostbrand Rapier
(Prior) Fanatic’s Spellguard Monarch Custom Item

6/01/2015 – Into the Mines!

(taken by Palna) “Songbird” Shortbow +2
(taken by Palna) Unidentified Magic Boots
(taken by Strith) Ring of Protection +1

5/25/2015 – Attunements

(Prior) Tome of Understanding

5/18/2015 – Attunements

(Palna) Candle of Invocation
(Strith) Dragon’s Testicles Custom Item – automatically attuned

5/18/2015 – Zhenoth & Thundertree

(taken by Alafa) Staff of Elemental Power +2 Custom Item
(taken by Alafa) Tome of Understanding Gifted to Prior
(taken by Alafa) Frostbrand (Finesse Sword) Gifted to Palna
(taken by Alafa) Chainshirt +2
(taken by Alafa) Scalemail +2
(taken by Girgintius) Notrealiable’s Swift Guard Boots Custom Item
(taken by Girgintius) Greatsword of Sharpness
(taken by Palna) Candle of Invocation, Chaotic Good
(taken by Prior) Fanatic’s Spellguard Monarch Custom Item
(taken by Strith) Dragon’s Testicles Custom Item
(Group Loot) ~3000 gp worth of assorted gems
(Group Loot) about 25 Green Dragon Scales

5/05/2015 – May the 4th be with you!

(taken by Strith) Black Crystaline Cylinder that powered the Null Magic Field in Thundertree

4/14/2015 – Attunements

(Girgintius) Dancing Greatsword named Char
(Strith) Raijin’s Gloves of Shocking Custom Item

3/24/2015 – Cragmaw & the Warren Beneath

(taken by Alafa) 7x very fine golden “chess” pieces, each worth 250g
(taken by Alafa) 4x horse shoes of the Zephyr
(taken by Girgintius) 12x emeralds, each worth 100g
(taken by Girgintius) Dancing Greatsword
(taken by Palna) 8x opals, each worth 50g
(taken by Palna) Potion of Diminution (cold water), Potion of Stone Giant Strength & Potion of Superior (8d4+8) Healing
(taken by Palna) 2x 5th level spell scrolls (1 Awaken, 1 TBD)
(taken by Prior) 6x rubies, each worth 100g
(taken by Prior) Parchments and Writings by a Drow
(taken by Strith) 4x very fine golden “chess” pieces, each worth 250g
(taken by Strith) Raijin’s Gloves of Shocking Custom Item

1/11/2015 – Zhentarim agents’ belongings

90 gp, 860sp (split 22gp, 220sp each, none for Bolt)
7 50gp rubies (split 1 each, 3 remainder)
Seethe, +1 Longsword (taken by Girgintius)
Adamantine armor, ring mail (taken by Girgintius)
Boots of the Winterlands (taken by Strith)
Halia’s Belt of Disguise (taken by Palna)

Apparently stuff happened here, but ya… not recorded. /facepalm

Loot Log

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