Heroes of Archetype

The Slice Heard 'Round the Wor... well, Block
Or, The Point at Which the Game Went to Hell


The Story Thus Far
or DAMN That's a Lot of Story

Our “heroes” gathered together under the employment of Gundren Rockseeker, a dwarf eager to begin some kind of undertaking. They were hired to drive a wagon of supplies down to the town of Phandalin, but soon found that Gundren had been taken prisoner by goblins. Tracking the goblins down revealed no Gundren, but a link to their employer, someone going by the name of Glassstaff. The goblins’ chief also had some kind of magical glass eye, which Bolt recovered. Later on, when touching Bolt’s bare hand, it attempted to bore into his flesh, only to be ripped out by Girgintius and frozen in his pack.

Arriving in Phandalin, the heroes met the townsfolk and sought out Gundren and Glassstaff, to no avail. They did find a town troubled and terrorized by a local gang, the Redcloaks, and one of their number was apparently murdered in his sleep their very first night. Sniffing around, our heroes stumbled upon the Redcloak’s hideout in a nearby abandoned & dilapidated mansion.

However, when exploring the cellar, which appeared to be in use, the party was enveloped in mist and pulled to another world. Here they were taunted by a disembodied voice and forced into a trap-laden tomb, one so deadly that they met their deaths many, many times. Strangely, however, they did not remain dead; an unknown force resurrected them after each gruesome end, with varying degrees of time and success. Along the way, Girtinius lost all of his belongings and Bolt lost… well, his manhood. Strange and troubled times were had by all.

In the end, the party found their way to the end, where the tomb’s guardian, a lich, set upon them. In the end, the lich was struck down, and the tomb began to collapse. The party rushed out (of course, recovering loot along the way) just as the entryway was sealed shut by falling rocks and debris. They made their way back through the mists, only to find themselves back in the mansion’s cellar.

Not everything was the same, however. Every inhabitant of the mansion had been brutally slain, including the Redcloak’s leader, the half-glass Glassstaff. Upon exiting, they found that every inhabitant of the village was also killed in the same fashion, save one. Halia, the proprietor of the local Mining Exchange, was found, loading a wagon with belongings in a panic. Clearly frightened, she explained that a creature like a glass dwarf could barely be seen committing the atrocities, and that she managed to remain hidden. She roused suspicion from the party, however, when she tried to find out more about the Redcloaks, and with a little bit of brutal intimidation, she confessed that she was a member of the shadow organization known as the Zhentarim.

The party made its way to her bosses in New Neverwinter, with Halia in custody. When they reached the inn she directed them to, however, the party found that the Zhents were ready for them, lying in ambush.


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