Tim Horton

Charm Duration: ~14 days
Estimated EXP: 26000 (technically level 7)

Using a scroll of Awaken (5th-level) that Palna acquired before hand, Tim Horton was “created.” He was a common brown owl that the party crossed paths with one night while camping on their journey to Thundertree. With the guidance of Prior and a little help from Girgintius the spell went off (and perhaps even more powerfully than expected).

Tim’s intelligence skyrocketed from a score of 3 to (a minimum) of 10. He now speaks, reads and more than likely can write in common. Tim has a bit of an attitude and is quoted for saying “I was given intelligence by idiots.” He is charmed by Palna, the caster of the spell, for 30 days at which point he will be free to do as he pleases. Hopefully he chooses to remain with the group. The group always askes Tim to do tasks, trying to avoid forcing anything upon him. A common request is for Tim to fly out ahead and scout for them, utilizing his speed, tiny size and self-effacing nature.

Tim uses Palna’s backpack as a roost. Tim had a night encounter with Alafa’s imp, Karla… “Hoot’s your daddy” was repeated over and over.

While in Thundertree, Tim was almost insta-killed by a sawdust explosive trap. Palna managed to save him by giving Tim a potion of heal (2d4+2), rolling maximum healing.

Was given an Elixir of Stone Giant Strength for the encounter with Zhenoth, the Young Green Dragon and Guardian of Thundertree. This changed his Strength from a 3 (-4 mod) to a 23 (6 mod), where the dragon’s strength was only a 19 (4 mod).

If Tim decides to stay with the group as an official friend and member, we will be utilizing a blend of 3.5e, 5e, and homebrew rules on controling her in combat. Like any other pet.

Tim Horton

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