The Guardian of Thundertree


Could be a couple that protected the forest of Thundertree. Legend has it that one was a Druid and another a Wizard.

Our newly appointed guide, Fingers, had a childhood trauma at Thundertree.

Upon arriving at Thundertree, we found 2 large dead spiders. No other life forms were found, but we could sense an unsettling presence within the large tree. We entered through a secret entrance covered by moss. There have been a couple traps waiting for us. First was a pit filled with whipped cream, and then a large room filled with sawdust.

The room with sawdust exploded upon Palna’s thieve’s tools getting pulled to the ground. The party took minimal damage from the explosion, but Strith’s gloves are not stuck to the floor to what appears to be a magnetic beam stretching across the entire room.

Potentially a Green Dragon that Girgintius threatened and pissed off… or it could be that the real guardian was being subdued somehow.

The Guardian of Thundertree

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