The Glass Dwarf

Created by the interactions between Bolt and the Bugbear General glass orb.

The glass dwarf resembles Bolt and seems to driven by the urge to destory.

At some point Priestess Peach crossed paths wtih the creature and attempted to stop it. Somehow it merged with her being and eventually causing her death.

In the final conflict with the Black Spider, the group also does combat with The Glass Dwarf. It turns out to be the essence of Bolt given form and twisted by the forge of spells. This creature possessed some unique abilities:

  • Resistance to all damage
  • The ability to go invisible
  • Whirlwind attacks
  • Spell reflection

The Dwarf was eventually defeated and shattered into thousands of shards. The group refused to touch any of the shards for fear of what could happen.

The Glass Dwarf

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