The Black Spider

The Black Spider was originally thought to be a secret organization which is searching for maps relating to dwarven mines and the Forge of Spells. We suspect that this is the group behind the capture of Gundren Rockseeker. It was later discovered through radical parchments about rebirth and second chances, as well as combat with some of the Black Spiders lackies that the Black Spider is a Drider (half drow, half spider) monstrosity pulling the strings.

At Cragmaw Castle we found an orc inside of a large metal armor that was magically attached to him. Once we defeated the orc, we tried to get some information out of him, but he was quickly eaten alive by spiders from the inside out. Ao believes that the Black Spider is the leader of the Goblins and Bugbears, as well as the one manipulating key individuals.

Upon arriving at Thundertree, we found 2 large spiders dead. No other sign of spider activity at this time. After the party dealt with the Guardian of Thundertree, they learned more of the Black Spider, and even the location of the Abandoned Dwarven Mines.

The party defeated and Alafa turned him to smoldering ashes with a fireball spell (on 06/29/2015). The group found Gundren Rockseeker and her brother in terrible condition.

The group learned that the Black Spider and the Glass Dwarf (a fragment of Bolt Vanderhuge) where working together in the hopes of utilizing the Forge of Spells to alter one’s true self. It comes to reason that the Black Spider was trying to revert himself back into a drow and shed himself of his drider affliction.

The Black Spider

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