Strith's Journal

Episode 1
Completed my journey from the Temple of Tymora to a small town called Phandalin. I was damn tired and in need of some food and rest. As I looked for somewhere to fill my stomach, I found a dwarf looking for a group of people to help escort a caravan. He looks at me and asks if I will help him. I didn’t really feel like it since i had just arrived, but this would be a welcomed diversion from the usual practices of the temple. I agreed and finally got to sit down to enjoy a mug of ale with my meal. Once I finished my meal, 5 others had joined at the same table. We exchanged greetings and I stumbled off to bed in a daze.

Episode 2
The next morning we set off with the caravan. Now that I am awake and refreshed, I found the name of the dwarf who recruited us was Gundren Rockseeker. We left town, and eventually came to a wooded area. We were ambushed by some goblins. I punched the shit out of one and came out uninjured.

The horses were dead and Gundren is gone. Assume he was taken by the goblins. Most of our group sets up camp to recover, but Palna Cruz decides to be a hero and track the goblins that escaped. I relax a bit as the other party members poke fun at each-other. Palna returned shortly after a brief rest.

Episode 3
Followed Palna to a stream that lead into a cave. We found wolves and goblins and got to kick some more ass. Found that Alafa the warlock is an evil bastard. He tried to rape me with dark tentacles more than once. I got my revenge by watching wolves rip him to shreds. He lost consciousness for a while and I knew karma had worked itself out on him.

Bolt the barbarian seems to like to throw things. He threw his axe at a goblin leader and damn near took him out in one go….

Palna the rogue took a goblin hostage and we got some information about them taking Gundren to some castle. I’m sure the rest of the group will figure out the details. We are worried about Gundren, but I want to kill some more goblins! Goblin told us about a bugbear or something. Don’t think that’ll be an issue, I’ll just punch a few holes in him and problem solved….

Found a hostage still alive. He wanted to pay us to take him back to town right away. We refused and told him he could join us and come back to town when we do. He begrudgingly accepted.

Episode 4
We continued onwards. Found a bridge that went over the stream of water. Water wasn’t deep, but Palna keeps getting his boots wet, so we went over it. The goblin hostage tried to run away. He jumped off the bridge, but we recaptured him. I want to kill him to get rid of the annoyance, but Palna insists on keeping him alive. I think I can rely on Alafa to kill him if things get hairy.

We keep going and find several goblins that attack us by what looks like a waterfall. I’m hurt bad, but keep pushing forward. Found a room up some stairs. Heard something like an axe sinking into flesh. Thought it was Bolt, since he has crazy ideas, but wasn’t sure. Entered the room cautiously and was ambushed by goblins. Took one of them out, but lost consciousness shortly after. Woke up with the group around me and all the goblins dead, thankfully the hostage goblin is dead. We split the loot and headed back to town. We get our payment from dwarf we rescued and call it a night.

Episode 5
Woke up in the inn I stayed at before. Went downstairs and asked the bartender if there was a place of worship in this town. He pointed me out the door to a shrine in the middle of the square in town.

I began my ritual prayers and after several minutes of meditating, someone from the town’s temple had snuck up behind me. She provided her name, but I didn’t remember it for very long. I introduced myself and told her I was from the temple in Neverwinter City. That puzzled her as she was also from the same temple on a mission to repair a tomb. She came to the conclusion that she was taking too long and I was sent to check on her. She didn’t give me a lot of details, but I assume the tomb was corrupted by followers of Beshaba. We were interrupted when we suddenly heard a scream of bloody murder coming from the blacksmith shop.

By the time we arrived at the blacksmith shop, there was already a crowd of over 15 people outside. I managed my way through to the front of the crowd to see Bolt on the ground with an orb in his hand. The orb had what looked like tentacles coming out of it and were drilling into his hand. Bolt’s arm up to his elbow looks to be turning into some type of crystal or glass. Girgintius and the paladin seem to be unsuccessfully trying to remove the orb, but they are causing more pain than relief to Bolt. I see thorns on the tentacles which are preventing the orb from coming loose. I prepare to step in to assist, when Girgintius gives it one last pull and it comes free. He puts in it his bag, and the paladin uses his dragon breath to freeze the entire bag solid. The crowd disperses and we head back to the inn.

Episode 6
Woke up early and went downstairs to get some breakfast. It was tasty. I was the only one in the bar area until Alafa came downstairs. slumped against the wall in a corner. The rest of the group soon came downstairs except for the paladin. While the others were talking, I gestured to Alafa to go outside to wonder a bit. We headed east down the road and I shared the story of the sister from the temple and the tomb she was sent to obtain. He told me there are several shady groups in the town, but didn’t have any solid info. He also suggested that we should suspect the sister from the temple as well. I agreed and we returned to the inn to share the info with the rest of the group.

At the inn we found that the paladin had died a gruesome death in his room the previous day. The others were trying to decide on what to do with him when a woman from downstairs came upstairs to find a pool of blood spilling into the hallway. She was hysterical
and wouldn’t stop screaming. I whispered to Alafa if he had any spells that could silence her without killing her. He did and I motioned to use it. The woman suddenly stopped screaming and started laughing over and over to herself. She was becoming short on oxygen, but at least that problem is solved. We buried the paladin in the forest.

Before it got too late in the day, I went to the blacksmith shop to browse her wares. Found a rapier that I liked and I bought it. She seemed quiet and timid after yesterday’s incident. I wished her well and left to go back to the inn. Shared the story of the tomb with the party and they told me about the Redbrands. The bartender was scared shitless of them and we were asked to take care of the problem. We agreed to go investigate them further in the morning.

Episode 7
We made our way to the building on top the plateau to investigate the Redbrands ourselves. On our way to the plateau, Palna wanted to check the house at the end of the road. He went up and searched through the building. No one was home, so we moved forward. The plateau was gated, but that didn’t stop us. Bolt kicked down the gate and in we went. A group of Redbrands showed up to interfere. One of them might be a leader of some sort. We kicked their asses and went inside. We found a storeroom of sorts downstairs along with a crypt. The Redbrands had a few traps for unsuspecting guests, but we passed through them. Upon opening one of the doors, we were swallowed by darkness.

Episode 8
I managed to escape from the darkness and found myself in the crypt again. There was another door we hadn’t opened yet, so we checked that room out. Turns out there were lots of weapons up for grab. All I took was some extra rope I had used.

The building had another couple rooms we hadn’t checked yet in the sub-basement, so I headed that way to see what was down there. My vision was fading in and out from the effects of the darkness, but I remember seeing an alchemy workshop, some dead people that were playing cards, and a dead wizard. The wizard was slashed by some type of beast. I’ll keep a lookout. I took the cards from the table for my own entertainment. Someone took a note off the wizard’s desk.

We left the building and headed back to town. All we saw was blood, blood, and more blood.

Episode 9
All the townsfolk of Phandalen are dead. There is blood everywhere. Looks like the same beast that killed the wizard killed the townsfolk as well. I tried to track down where it went or if there were more than one creature. I couldn’t make heads or tails of either…..

We made our way to the inn and heard lots of commotion. Found a dwarf with the name of Halia hurriedly packing all of her belongings on a caravan. Bolt threatened and scared her to death to give up some information about what happened. He got punched in the gut for his effort. She was as clueless as we were, but she was intrigued about the note. I don’t trust her. I calm down some horses and we join her in the journey to Neverwinter City.

We arrived at Neverwinter City with no issues. The guard stopped us to ask our name and business. I told him i live here and am with the Temple of Tymora. He let us pass. Halia steered us towards an inn to get food and rest. We were ambushed at the door by some people.

Episode 10
I’m pissed off that I’m at spearpoint. Apparently Halia wasn’t a dwarf afterall. She had something on her belt that gave an illusion of a dwarf. She is actually a dark elf, also known as a Drow. No wonder I didn’t trust her!

Someone who looked like a leader talked with Halia and they went upstairs for a bit. The guards kept us at spearpoint. I could take them, but didn’t want to be the one to start a fight. Halia and this “leader” person came back downstairs and Halia motioned for us to drop our weapons and sit down at the table to talk peacefully. I was at spearpoint, no way in hell am I laying down my arms, not that it mattered since I use my fists….

Girgintius actually put down his sword, what an idiot!!! Someone else threw the first punch, I think it was Bolt. He’s always getting into trouble…

We slaughtered the guards. Halia tried to go invisible, but I sniffed her out. Wasn’t fast enough to notice her and she tried to stab me with a dagger to the back. She missed… HAHAHA. I gave her the people’s elbow and dropped her to the ground. Bolt came up next to me and buried his axe well into her shoulder. She ended up against the wall bleeding out with Bolt’s axe still in her chest.

Girgintius stabilized her so she wasn’t bleeding anymore, but then Bolt struck again. He kicked Girgintius off of Halia and cut off her boobs. I think he wants to make some gloves out of those. I secretly want to know how this works out for him, but for the sake of appearances I keep quiet. Girgintius looks really disturbed by this. While this was all going down, Alafa cast a spell to make the leader (Halia’s supposed romance) laugh himself silly.

Halia is dead and boobless and bleeding profusely. I think the leader will cooperate with us now….

Episode 11
With the captain the only one alive, I left him up to the rest of the group to deal with. I strolled up to the bar and had myself a mug of ale. I turned around on the barstool facing Bolt and the Captain. The captain got a look in his eyes of rage and had lost all that was left of his sanity and started tearing into Bolt.

I set my mug down on the bar and rushed to save Bolt. Deciding to try something new with my breath weapon, I infused my arm with lightning and gave the captain a jolt to his head. It worked pretty well, but not well enough. He ended up directing his rage at me instead, maybe I hotwired his brain incorrectly…. I thought about giving it another jump, when a blast of dark energy came surging from Alafa. He didn’t even hit the captain…. But he did hit the lamp that was hanging on the wall, causing fire to erupt from it. The fire splashed on the captain mostly, but some of it went my way as well. Luckily I was able to control the fire and fuse my fists with it for my next strike. While doing this I managed to learn how to infuse my body with the elements, could prove useful in the future….

The captain was able to knock Bolt unconscious as he hit the floor next to me. I was just barely holding on, but managed to survive as we knocked out the captain. I was about to resuscitate Bolt when Palna came around the corner and slit his throat. Sounded like he was out for vengeance about his parent’s death or something. Bold is dead.

Girgintius carried Bolt’s body to be buried. I stayed behind to see what kind of fancy items I could find to take with me. Found some nice boots, they’ll keep my feet warm.

Episode 12
Palna and I went to look for food and drink to mull over what had happened and what to do next. As we were leaving, we met Alafa and Girgintius. They told us about the burial of Bolt and that the followers of Kelemvor advised that Bolt’s soul was not in his body and not at its destination. They wanted to see if they could locate it, but did not have a means to do so. The four of us went back to the graveyard in Old Neverwinter and Alafa cast a spell on his body to extend the length of time allowed for resurrection, preserving his body.

We then went to look for food and drink. Girgintius asked a bum on the side of the road. That guy can trust anyone it seems…. We ended up going to the Inn he mentioned and got food, drink, and rest.

The next morning, Palna saw some smoke coming up in the distance. We went to investigate and we found some overacting follower of Kelemvor was “freeing people” from their bodies. Basically he was killing people and being charismatic enough that people trusted him in doing so. Alafa and Palna pulled off some shenanigans to make his piss his pants. We then got him to agree to look into where Bolt’s spirit may be lingering around at. We promised we would introduce him to the blind bartender of the Zhentarim. We would meet back up later that night.

I took the group to the Temple of Tymora and spoke with one of my brothers, regaling him with the tales of Phandelin and what had occurred there. He was in shock, and rightfully so. He then gave me more information about this tomb that our sister had mentioned and that I should undertake this quest.

He mentioned that the tomb is actually a spellbook being held by a bashee, and we need to retrieve that book at all costs. He also mentioned that I would find it in some ruins on the other side of Phandelin. I sense trouble, but hopefully I can persuade the rest of the group to follow.

I head back to the Inn to relax a bit before we meet up with the Kelemvor follower. Maybe I’ll play some cards with the locals.

Episode 13
I spoke with the innkeeper today to find some more information about the ruins where the spellbook I have been tasked with finding would be. It was mentioned that the ruins used to be a town called Conyberry before it was sacked by barbarians. The town is now vacant, but there is a crypt just outside the ruins.

After relaxing for a few hours, I met up with Palna and we headed to the bar where Palna murdered Bolt in cold blood. After several minutes of brisk walking, I noticed we had a stalker, and not a very successful one at that. I guess it wasn’t much a fault of his own that he failed to hide his presence…. He was a giant compared to everyone else. Freakin’ Palna was clueless, how blind can that guy be?!?! Maybe we need to take him to get his eyes checked. We hid in an alleyway in an attempt to ditch our stalker and watched him walk past us. Seems he dropped a coin. I let Palna have it since he needs some luck. A sharpshooter that can’t hit its target isn’t much use to me.

We found the over-dramatic Kelemvor priest there impatiently waiting for us at the bar. His name was Glaive and I was having an increasing disgust for his performances. Palna had some blood on a dagger and gave that to him as a source to locate Bolt’s spirit. Before Glaive could begin, I heard someone speaking Infernal. Who the hell speaks infernal in a town like New Neverwinter?!?! I was suspicious, but let him sit down to speak with us. His name was Ao Prior and it was obvious that he didn’t like what Glaive was doing. Eventually we got Glaive to start doing whatever he was going to do to locate Bolt’s spirit. During the process, Glaive was assaulted by some dark and evil entity. Prior did what he could to bring him back to life and out of the clutches of this entity. Seems Prior is a cleric of some kind. Palna and I brought Prior up to date on the events that have unfolded thus-far. As we were finishing our discussion, we noticed a hooded figure appear standing behind Glaive. This was the bartender from the other day and was showing his true colors, but probably not his true form. He gave Palna a folded letter that was sealed with black wax.

We took the letter with us to Palna’s room at the inn and proceeded to open it. Halfway through opening it, Prior stopped Palna and suggested the seal had been imbued with some evil magic. After several minutes of him doing some ritual, a puff of smoke came up from the seal. Palna thinks it was a parlor trick, but it was now safe to open. The letter detailed information about the black spider and some minor information about Gundrun Rockseeker.

Prior has been helpful today, but I’m not sure if he would join us in our future endeavors.

Episode 14
Went with Palna and Prior to search for Alafa and Girgintius. Found them marinating in a stream of water that looks like everyone from the inn had puked in it. Palna brought out his inner-cowboy and lasso’d them to the shore. He had pretty good aim all things considered. Alafa looked hung over as all hell. Girgintius had his throat cut similar to how Palna had finished off Bolt. I’m suspicious that he did it while we weren’t looking….. Girgintius is dead.

The four of us take off and head towards Conyberry on the horses we “commandeered” in Phandelin. The trip was uneventful and brought us to the outskirts of town. The place was dead, literally. There wasn’t a soul in sight, not even bandits. Palna was able to find something that looked like a crypt, so we headed in that direction. We found a talking bier, whatever that is. It has what I need and we are going to take it by force. We are about to start fighting, when all the sudden Bolt appears! He’s still a vanderclam, but his wreckless battle-mode is a much missed attribute to our party. The bier seems to be attacking us with screams, it must be a woman at that time of the month…..

Episode 15
One of the shades pushed one of his necrotic balls down Bolt’s throat. It exploded from pressure and killed him. Bolt doesn’t seem to be very good at living. I am starting to get used to him dying and don’t weep as much at his loss. Ao Prior has been struggling to keep us all alive, not sure how much longer he is going to last.

We continued to assault the bier and the banshee within. Shades and armor are attacking us, but we must push forward. Today I took out a couple shades and armors, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much, as more of them appear for each one that we take out.

Palna noticed some hinges on the bier, but they don’t seem to move in either direction. He tried to melt them with some acid vials he had, but it doesn’t look like that is doing much good… I tried to help with some thunder, but the bier and its hinges just stood there and mocked me.

Episode 16
We failed to defeat the banshee. Our entire party died, but we also did not die. It was a very familiar feeling from the tower of horrors we had previously visited. I had only experienced this a couple times, but it was a very memorable experience that I never wanted to experience again. When I came to, I was standing with our entire party except Bolt. Maybe he got lost again trying to find his manhood. Alafa has also disappeared somewhere. I have no idea how much time has passed.

Now that we didn’t have Bolt “Hotheaded” Vanderhuge with us, we attempted to be diplomatic with the banshee. The imps that we had previously dispatched are back at the bier again. The banshee wasn’t easy to talk with, and we ended up in combat again, but this time we only killed the imps. I think the banshee took this in her favor.

We found out that she had been there for a very long time, before the village above was destroyed and pillaged. She was unwilling to part with the book I needed for my quest from Tymora, but we were able to get the banshee to tell us the contents of the book. The book contains information on spells regarding the construction, maintenance, and shutting down of the Forge of Spells.

Episode 17
We exited the crypt and headed towards Cragmaw Castle. Prior, Palna, and I set up camp under cover of trees and took turns keeping watch. During the night Alafa suddenly appeared during Palna’s watch. Palna woke me up for first watch and I noticed that Alafa has re-joined us.

In the morning we continued on the road and made our way to Cragmaw Castle. We “somewhat” carefully entered the castle to find it ransacked and eventually were confronted by many goblins. They were a bit crafty with their exploding barrels. There is a thunderous voice that keeps threatening us like he owns the place, which he probably does.

I was cornered by goblins at one point when Alafa comes around the corner with his tentacle attack. He does like those tentacles. I nimbly dodged the tentacles and watched as all the goblins surrounding me dropped dead.

Episode 18
We continued to kill off the goblins as a giant form of armor came plummeting through the wall. Prior must have been getting tired of all the goblins, because he used a spell that ripped apart all the goblins limb from limb.

We found out that there is an Orc inside of the armor who is piloting it to move the armor and axe around. Seeing where this orc is, I used my Chromatic Orb to corrode the armor. The corrosion then dripped down onto the orc, which finally finished him off.

The castle had been looted clean, we did not find anything of worth to take with us, nor any sign of dwarfs.

Episode 19
Girgintius has joined us again. Not sure where he came out from, but I heard Palna say that he found him while searching around. I quickly went back to looking through the barrels in the castle for anything of use to avoid having to see him naked again.

I wanted to check in the castle’s dungeon to see if that was where they were keeping the dwarves or if there were any clues to where they may have been, but Girgintius was keen on wanting to use the armor. Turns out the armor and axe were magically bound to the orc. They tried to remove the orc, but it just turned into a sloppy, corrosive, bloody mess. They did manage to get its head. Apparently Prior is going to “use” it later. For what purpose, I’m not sure I want to know.

We found a large hole that lead away from the castle and several smaller holes underneath barrels and grates. Prior and I went down into one of the grates and the rest of the group went down the large hole. It turns out there was no basement and it was just a series of tunnels that met up in an underground cave. This tunnel eventually met up with the larger hole that the rest of the group went into.

The underground cave was inhabited by goblins. We met only women and children goblins while we were down there, most of them were afraid of us. Alafa’s imp almost got some action of her own. While searching we found what must have been an orc’s home and a couple goblins were stealing what they could from it so they could run away. They charged us and we ended up killing them as well.

After searching through the orc’s home, we found many items of use. I found some gloves that look like they would be pretty painful. I took these in hopes that they will aid my martial arts.

We headed back to the city and I managed to find someone in charge. They had not seen me in months, so apparently we have been in the crypt for far more than a few weeks. Prior helped with finding someone in charge of the temple to see if we can get more information on this book we need to find. What we found out was that the head cleric was sick and that we couldn’t see her. Prior was able to talk his way into an audience with her and what we found was that there was a mass of glass reaching out and shouting for Bolt.

Strith's Journal

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