Girgintius "Bad Ass" Smithson

Girgintius “Bad Ass” Smithson
Girgintius “Bad Ass” Smithson, Human Fighter, age 22. Height: 5’7 with Dark Brown eyes and hair. Young Girgintius grew up on the streets poor and on his own because his parents died. He stole and did what he could to get by. In his teens he became interested in 2 handed swords and began learning how to wield one (amateurishly) by swinging around aimlessly and training his body to be strong. At age 20, Girgintius meets a dwarf barbarian by the name of Bolt Thunderhuge , who teaches him a little bit about 2handed weapon wielding and looked out for him for. One day after training, Girgintius finds a mule and decides to try to balance on it’s head, jump off, and land on a tree branch that had a rumored stash of gold hidden somewhere inside the upper parts of this tree. Girgintius got to the branch but not in the way he intended. Girgintius was thrown off the mule almost instantly and punted by the mule into the tree. Girgintius then found a locket (where he now keeps a picture of his dead parents) and a few gold coins in the tree, thus Girgintius nicknamed himself “Bad Ass” for climbing the tree and getting his reward, but little to Girgintius’ knowledge, Bolt was watching as this happened and would later lord the embarrassing truth about his nickname over Girgintius.

One day, tired of the somewhat shady life he’d been living his entire life, Girgintius hears of a escort job involving guarding a dwarf and his supplies to another town. Girgintius goes on to the pub to meet the dwarf hiring him along with other adventurers in the town that are also taking on this job. The dwarf’s name is Gundren Rockseeker and he wants to be escorted to the town of Phandalin for the price of 10 Gold (each guard). Girgintius notices that Bolt too is taking on this job along with several new faces he’s never seen in town before. Among these new faces are: Alafa Eshroi , Palna Koz , and Strith .
The group meets up with Gundren outside the town with a human companion named [Sildar]]. The group gets moving and is attacked a day and a half into the journey by goblins, who have captured Gundren and his companion and have taken them to their cave.

The group battles and defeats a few groups of goblins and decides to rest and figure out a plan. Meanwhile, Palna ventures on his own in search of Gundren, following a drag mark that led him to a cave (after narrowly avoiding death from a trap). The next morning, the group decides to bury the supplies in order to safely look for Gundren and Sildar, finding Palna on his way back from scouting ahead. Finally, the group reaches the foot of the Goblin Cave where they notice a group of goblins preparing to ambush the group and swiftly dealt with the goblins. Bolt stays back to tend to his wounds along with Strith. Inside the cave, the group notices a few chained up wolves and a goblin that runs away after spotting the group enter from the watery entrance below. The group decides to engage the wolves and Alafa casts a spell damaging allies and wolves alike, generating a huge amount of attention and was quickly brought close to death’s door before the battle was over. Bolt and Strith then join the group and Strith and Girgintius climb up a cliff as the group hears a rush of water coming and brace for it. Everyone makes it to the alcove where the dead wolves were and they watch as a huge force of the rushing water exits the cave. Up above, Strith and Girgintius grab the attention of a group of goblins and their assumed leader after Girgintius sticks a torch into the cave wall. The group rushes up to engage the goblins and Strith is knocked out several times in this encounter, including a time where Bolt knees him in the face when he failed to jump on the ledge above where the goblin leader was. Giving up on trying to reach the ledge (where Sildar was being held), Bolt hurls his axe at the goblin leader and instantly kills him with a headshot as the goblin falls down to the area below, where Bolt collects his head and puts it on his belt as a trophy. Palna takes a hostage during this encounter and tells the group that Gundren was taken to a place called [Cragmaw Castle] , where “the black spider” is and a “map of great worth”. When Sildar comes to, he asks the group if they would take him back to town and that he would pay each of them 50 Gold in compensation. The group agrees but with the condition that they finish exploring the cave that they are currently in. The group then asks the hostage who the boss of the cave was and was told it was a Bugbear, which the group knew nothing about aside from Alafa, Girgintius, and Palna.

The group presses on with Sildar and the goblin hostage as they pass over a bridge leading to an area where a few goblins are expecting them. Palna tries to shoot poorly made flame arrows that burn to a crisp and Alafa fools one of the goblins with an image of Bolt. The group defeats the group of goblins and decides to split up to get a drop on the Bugbear boss ahead. Girgintius , Bolt , and Palna head down to the dead wolf alcove, where a narrow, chimney-like, cliff connected them to the room where the Bugbear would be. Bolt fashions a grappling hook out of Palna’s rope and his axe and hurls his axe up the cliff where they surprisingly hear a yell and a thud up above. Bolt then pulls on the axe and the Bugbear comes flying down the cliff down to where the three were down below. After a few moments, the three defeat the Bugbear and Bolt spends the remainder of the time trying to pry a glass orb that was lodged in the bugbear’s head. Meanwhile, up above Strith, and Alafa encounter a wolf and two goblins. Strith is swiftly taken out by two goblins hiding inside the loot up above and Alafa fights off a wolf that nearly kills him before Bolt hurls a javlin after climbing the cliff and kills the wolf outright. The group then disposes of the goblins are spends some time in the cave recuperating and investigating the room.

The group finds a disassembled supply wagon that they put back together and bring with them. The items all have a marking on them of a Blue Lion. After a day and a half of traveling, the group journeys back to their original wagon, uncover the supplies the burried, and headed to Phandalin.
In Phandalin, the group heads to the town pub, where Sildar repays them for their escort and pays for their stay there at the pub as appreciation for their trouble. Strith goes to pray at a Church and meets a nun. The nun tells Strith about a job she needs done. Meanwhile, Palna asks locals at the pub where he can get enchantments done on his equipment and sets off to find a wizard that might be located at a place called the Miner’s Exchange. At the miner’s exchange, Palna meets a miner, who asks if he can deal with a “pest problem” in the town (dealing with a group of bandits by the name of the Red Brands . Meanwhile, Bolt and Girgintius meet up after visiting a general good’s store and decide to visit the local blacksmith to get their weapons sharpened. After Bolt treats the blacksmith rudely and damages one of her tables, Girgintius said that he’d pay for the damages and left ahead of Bolt and leaves. Bolt then asks the blacksmith if she’s seen anything like the glass orb he found in the bugbear’s head and as he’s showing the blacksmith the orb, tendrils shoot out from the orb and latch on to Bolt, causing huge amounts of pain as Bolt enrages and screams loud enough for everyone in the town to hear. Girgintius quickly arrives back at the shop where they see Bolt in pain and his arm turning into a glassy substance. After some convincing, Girgintius and Bolt work together to remove the orb from Bolt’s arm with brute force.

After all the commotion, the group decides that they might be in town for a while and that they should go to bed and gather information in the morning. The team awakes to find that Bolt was sleepwalking the night before and had tried to lay the blacksmith. Everyone met in the inn’s common area and shared that there is much to do in town and that they need to find information on several things in order to continue their journey. After reclaiming their weapons and preparing, the team decided to venture into an abandoned Manor, but were attacked by Red Brand thugs along the way. After a tussle, the team continued toward the manor. There was nothing really inside the manor but after following some feint footprints to a cellar. After some poking around and lighting unlit torches across a hallway, Strith is stabbed by some figure and barely recovers as the group takes down yet another group of baddies. They cross a deep pit and find a room with many coffins and skeletons attack them. The group makes quick work of them and take a moment to recuperate.

The party was then enveloped in mist and pulled to another world. Here they were taunted by a disembodied voice and forced into a trap-laden tomb, one so deadly that they met their deaths many, many times. Strangely, however, they did not remain dead; an unknown force resurrected them after each gruesome end, with varying degrees of time and success. Along the way, Girgintius lost all of his belongings and Bolt lost… well, his manhood. Strange and troubled times were had by all.

In the end, the party found their way to the end, where the tomb’s guardian, a lich, set upon them. In the end, the lich was struck down, and the tomb began to collapse. The party rushed out (of course, recovering loot along the way) just as the entryway was sealed shut by falling rocks and debris. They made their way back through the mists, only to find themselves back in the mansion’s cellar.

Not everything was the same, however. Every inhabitant of the mansion had been brutally slain, including the Redcloak’s leader, the half-glass Glassstaff. Upon exiting, they found that every inhabitant of the village was also killed in the same fashion, save one. Halia, the proprietor of the local Mining Exchange, was found, loading a wagon with belongings in a panic. Clearly frightened, she explained that a creature like a glass dwarf could barely be seen committing the atrocities, and that she managed to remain hidden. She roused suspicion from the party, however, when she tried to find out more about the Redcloaks, and with a little bit of brutal intimidation, she confessed that she was a member of the shadow organization known as the Zhentarim.

The party made its way to her bosses in New Neverwinter, with Halia in custody. When they reached the inn she directed them to, however, the party found that the Zhents were ready for them, lying in ambush. Meanwhile, Palna disguises himself as Halia in order to gather more information and talk to the guards. Alafa splits off and waits outside while Bolt, Girgintius and, Strith head inside welcomed with blades at their necks. Halia walks through the Zhentarim Thugs over to a higher ranking officer of the Zhentarim guard and changes her appearance to that of a Dark Elf woman with white hair and a red dress with black trim. She relays to the Gaurd Captain that this group had kidnapped her against her will and that they were in possession of a note that mentioned , “the spider” and a dwarvan map and demanded that the group show the Guard Captain this note. Girgintius, speaking with the group and also telepathically communicating with Alafa, played dumb and asked her what map she was talking about while winking at her. Halia, annoyed, convinced that Guard Captain that Bolt, Girgintius, and Strith should sit at a table at the inn and wait for “the other one with the note” (Palna). Halia then demanded that the thee disarm themselves and set their weapons in the corner. Girgintius flirts with Halia and drops his weapon and then realizes that Bolt was about to strike. Without any other choice, Girgintius picks up his greatsword and cuts down the nearest Zhentarim Thug he could reach. Battle ensues in the inn, and Zhentarim Thugs are dropping left and right as the three are joined by Alafa. Finally, there is only Halia and the Captain left. Meanwhile, Palna comes back to the inn, decides to pick the back entrance’s door and enter from behind. He readies his bow and shoots the Captain who is bewildered by the second Halia appearing before him and shooting him in the chest. Apparently, Halia and the Captain were lovers. In any case, Halia is nearly cut in half by Bolt and is left bleeding on the floor, but Girgintius stabilizes her while the Captain angerly charges at Alafa and slashes at him.

Then, something unexpectedly sinister happens. While Girgintius is tending to Halia, Bolt runs at Girgintius and shoves him five feet back and lopps off Halia’s busom as the whole inn (and town) hears her scream from the pain and fade into death. Alafa then makes the Guard Captain, Halia’s Lover, laugh into incapacitation at the brutal slaughter of his beloved.

Alafa then stabs the Guard Captain begins to attack the group in rage. Wildly swinging and stabbing his dagger, he drops Bolt and nearly drops Strith. Alafa sets off an oil lamp above the captain and burns him and Strith redirects fire coming at him onto the Guard Captain with a flaming palm strike. Meanwhile, Palna, shocked by what had just happened to Halia, begins to make his way to the stairway of the inn for higher ground. Palna was shaken by what had just happened to Halia because his parents were murdered in a similar fashion; which leads him to believe that either Bolt was his parents’ murderer or the same darkness which enveloped their killer’s soul has possessed Bolt as well. Palna decided to deal with the matter at hand after this fight and shot arrows at the Guard Captain but none connected. Finally, After a few hefty blows from Girgintius, Strith, and Alafa, the Guard Captain fell, incapacitated.

Palna then announces to the group the background of his parent’s murder and goes over to Bolt and slit’s her throat. As Bolt dies, some of the group members notice a darkness lift from Bolt’s body, as Bolt’s soul passes on and is immediately punched by Halia’s soul. Halia and Bolt begin a very long and uneventful fight.

As silence fell over the group, the bartender with no eyes begins to slow clap and offers the group a job at the Zhentarim. Girgintius, shaken by the death of somewhat of a father figure, takes Bolt’s body and asks the bartender where he can bury his friend and is pointed in the direction of Old Neverwinter.

As Girgintius leaves, Alafa follows suit. The bartender, Palna, and Strith discuss the job opportunity the bartender offered. In two days, the bartender would like anyone who is willing to work for the Zhentarim to swear an oath and take on the job he will describe on that day.

Walking down New Neverwinter towards Old Neverwinter, no one stops Girgintuis or asks him any questions. Finally, Girgintius and Alafa meet an old man who seems to be a priest of some sorts. He leads Girgintius and Alafa to a graveyard in Old Neverwinter and with the help of two other priests, performs last rites for Bolt. Girgintius says a few words about what Bolt did for him and that he’ll never forget what Bolt taught him (Dwarvish and how to fight). As Girgintius finishes his speech, the old man who brought Alafa and Girgintius to the graveyard proclaimed that Bolt’s soul was not present. Off gaurd, Girgintius asks what the old man meant.
Bolt’s soul had not passed on, it was being held in this world by some force. Alafa casts a spell to keep Bolt’s body from decaying and the group heads back to the inn to rest and meet up with the others.
The next morning, the group heads back to Bolt’s body in Old Neverwinter only to find a group of people surrounding a “priest” killing people in the name of his God Kelemvor, which offends Alafa. Alafa decides to impersonate said God with a spell and say that the actions of this “priest” are not His will. The group, with some heavy convincing, get the “priest” to assist them in locating Bolt’s body in exchange for a job offer from the Zhentarim. The priest accepts and the group then leaves to visit the Temoran Temple close by.
At the Temple, Strith inquires of the Quest he was given by the sister in Phandalin; Meanwhile, a sister at the temple gives Girgintius an amulet and runs off blushing. Strith finds out that the spellbook that he is looking for is held by a Banshee in a tomb close by and the group then leaves to go shopping. Girgintius buys a fishing rod and the rest of the group resupply their stock of arrows, oils, and various other necessities.
Excited and hoping for another encounter with the sister from the Temple, Girgintius heads over to the river near the temple to fish. Girgintius is later seen killed and the details around his dead are still unknown.

- – Flash Forward a Few Sessions – - To get caught up See [Strith’s Journal]

Girgintius suddenly appears next to the group at Cragmaw Keep after a large battle with Goblins and a Giant Orc in Armor. The group is confused at Girgintius’ sudden reappearance, believing that he was dead. In any case, they were glad to see him again and they were with a new companion named [Ao Prior] , a priest they had met along the way.
The group decides to venture down below Cragmaw Keep into a Goblin Hovel, where they see only women and children goblins. The group search for an elder of some sorts and stumble upon a pair of goblins looting a Labratory in a panic. The two attack and are quickly dealt with. Inside this Labratory, Girgintius finds a Black Flaming Dancing Sword with the word [Char] written in Draconic. Strith finds some magic gloves that have something to do with lightening. Alafa finds four horseshoes that allow the steed to float. The rest of the group finds some treasure worth a decent amount of gold in the form of chess pieces. After searching the notes, Ao Prior recognizes that these notes refer to a “Forge of Spells”, which the group knows the Black Spider is interested in because of Spiders and Reincarnation or something and also a mention of a “Guardian of Thundertree”. Girgintius was clearly not understanding the entirety of everything that was going on. The group then enters a giant hollowed stalagmite that they eventually blow the smithereens. They decide to go back to the Keep above to rest and to question the Orc’s soul with Ao Prior’s abilities in the morning.
In the morning, Prior starts the spell up and darkness envelops the surrounding area, as the soul of the Orc in the Armor is called and appears before the group. After asking 5 questions, the group learned nearly nothing new other than the fact that a dwarf was being held here at Cragmaw Keep at some point in time and was later moved. The group decides to head back to Neverwinter in order to investigate the new leads they just acquired.
After a day on foot, the group arrives at New Neverwinter and takes the night to rest. In the morning, Ao, Girgintius, and Strith head to the Temoran Temple to update the priests on the situation with the Banshee while Alafa and Palna search for a Thieves Guild looking for information. Girgintius makes a scene as he searches for the sister who gave him his amulet and is taken aside to speak to a Father named Freud. Meanwhile, Ao and Strith convince the priests to let them see the High Priestess of the Temple, High Priestess Peach, whom is ill and refuses to see anyone. The High Priestess reveals her naked body to show that a glassy Bolt Vanderhuge is trapped inside her body.
High Priestess Peach explained that this glassy creature was killing people by the docks in Neverwinter a week ago and to stop/contain it, she grabbed it and it ended up attached to her in this fashion. Ao and Strith ask questions as to what they have been doing to dislodge Bolt from her body and found out not much. The three head back to the inn.
Meanwhile, Palna and Alafa enter an underground arena/tavern of sorts where a brawl is taking place for bets. Here, they encounter a dwarf that tells the two that Fingers McGee is a wanted man that betrayed the city of Neverwinter. Pulling the two out back, the dwarf named Stud Beefcake tells Palna and Alafa that he believes Fingers McGee is innocent and he hopes that they can help prove his innocence. The dwarf tells the alleged story of Finger’s guilt: undead have been attacking in the city and it’s alleged that he brings them in and out. After some convincing, the dwarf tells them to come back in the morning to work something out and suggests that they go rest tonight, but nowhere near this tavern. Alafa and Palna then head back.
After hearing about the undead from Palna and Alafa, Prior storms into any study he can find to find out what is going on. Girgintius spends the night practicing with his new sword, Char. Prior finds out Thundertree was a fort in the forest outside the city that was protected by a wizard and a druid a long long time ago.
In the morning, Strithe goes to visit Bolt’s grave to find that his body is not in the grave and in fact, it seemed that his body vanished. Back at the inn, Prior tells the group that he wants to kill off all the undead and asks everyone to assist him, but first he needs some holy items and needs to head to the Temoran Temple to get some holy water. At the temple, Prior receives 3 vials of holy water and was also given a warning that it will not be an easy task to eliminate all the undead and that there were too many. The priests themselves have tried to dispose of all of them and have failed; for now they keep them at bay.
The group meets up at the docks, at the inn where they meet with the dwarf, Stud Beefcake that Palna and Alafa met yesterday. He takes the group out back where they see a handsome man, bleeding and pale. They find out that this name is Fingers McGee. Prior immediately heals him. They ask that he reveals everything he knows about the undead and to let everyone know what’s going on in the city. They first ask about where Thundertree is and he offers to take the group there and also marks on their maps where it is. The group offers to get Fingers out of town in exchange for guiding them to Thundertree.
The group sets off after Prior gets a shield to use in case of combat. During the trip, Girgintius and Strith successfully attune to their magic items. During the trip, Fingers reveals that he used to live at Thundertree but everyone who lived there was killed aside from him because he escaped luckily. What had happened was huge spiders that spoke common attacked ThunderTree.
At night, Palna casts Awaken on an Owl and names him Horton. Alafa summons his imp, Karla, and introduces her to Horton. After some pleasantries, the group goes to bed and awakes to Horton and Karla (the imp) having coitus. Walking down a beaten path, The group is followed by some unknown entities. Girgintius and Palna notice and Girgintius shoots a crossbow shot at the trees, hitting a Huge Spider. The group engages in combat with 6 of these spiders.

Girgintius "Bad Ass" Smithson

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