Fingers McGee

A human man that is known to have agile fingers. He has ties to the thieves guild and apparently has his way with the ladies. Palna and Alafa went to a tavern on the docks of New Neverwinter, and managed to sway the barkeeper (Fingers’) friend to arrange a meeting in the morning. Fingers’ has gone into hiding due to accusations that he betrayed the city and is aiding the undead hordes.

The group finds Fingers’ bloodied and pale. Prior uses a 3rd-level cure wounds to save him. They inform Fingers’ of their desire to find The Guardian of Thundertree, and McGee tells them that he knows how to get to the forest of Thundertree.

Because of the hatred toward McGee, the group uses Palna’s Belt of Disguise (the DM forgot he had the item) and easily escort Fingers’ out of New Neverwinter. He now is guiding the party Thundertree.

The group learns the Fingers has not returned to Thundertree in over 20 years because his village and family were slaughtered by giant spiders who were able to speak common. As a result, Fingers has an intense fear of spiders.

Once we found Thundertree, Fingers found 2 large spiders that were already dead. He searched them vigorously to find that one of them had a scar upon its head. This was the spider that he had escaped from and managed to injure it out of luck during his escape. Fingers lead us to a secret entrance into Thundertree.

After besting the Guardian of Thundertree, the Young Green Dragon, the group departed while Finger’s opted to remain. There is the potential plan to inform the High Cleric, Emerald Enclave and Followers of Tymora about the recent events at Thundertree and create a New Thundertree for the refugees of Old Neverwinter.

Fingers McGee

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