Bolt's Journal

Episode 1.
Woke up. Can’t remember anything. Why am I in this town. Must have drank too much. Place smells like shit. I see people crowding around an old man. Another dwarf says he needs help and will pay us to deliver some stuff and escort a human. I’m in. Walked for a day or so. Goblins came out of nowhere. Fought my ass off. Got hurt a little bit. The dwarf and human are gone. Need to find him so I can get paid.

Episode 2.
Going to rest and fix these cuts on my arms. I’ll catch up with the others when I damn well feel like it.

Episode 3.
Found the rest of the group. They found a cave. The smart elf followed the drag marks. Probably from the human. Marks are too small for the dwarf. Found the goblins. Tore through them until we found their leader up above. He was standing over us on a ledge grinning like an idiot. I couldn’t climb up the ledge. Gave up. Did what the cleaver taught me. Threw my metal into the goblin leaders face. Found the human sniffling on the ground behind the dead leader. Wimp. Took the leaders head. Don’t smile at me like that. The elf took a goblin for a pet. Heh. The goblin told us the dwarf was taken to crapmaw castle. Who names their castle crapmaw? Goblin said there’s a bugbear. I hate bugbears.

Episode 4.
Moved down to a corner. Looks like there’s a chimney I can climb up. The elf wants to climb first. He fell. I took his rope and tied it to my metal. Grappling axe. Threw it up the chimney. Secured. Pulled on it as hard as I could. Caught the bugbear. Bugbear fell down the chimney. Killed it. Pulled a shiny ball from its eye and a metal faceplate. Took its head too. I should go fishing.

Episode 5.
Walked to a new town. Place is called Phandalin. Went to the general store. Place didn’t have anything worth a damn. Went with the kid to the blacksmith. Threw my metal into the table and asked to get it sharpened. Lady was pissed. Tried to show her the shiny ball. She didn’t know much. Ball started to burn. Tendrils came out. I feel them crawling through my veins. Hand on fire. Blind as fuck. I remember this pain. Arm is turning into glass. Don’t remember much after that. Someone froze the orb. I think the kid has it in his bag. I want it back.

Episode 6.

Bolt's Journal

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