Abandoned Mines


06/01/2015 – Entering the Mines

  1. The group found a dwarven corpse in heavy armor that had been recently dead. They make a sketch of the symbol on its armor. They also find a pair of boots with a slight magic aura.
  2. The group uses a rope to travel down further and deeper into the mines. They hear a loud, echoing, howl-like sound reverberating through the mines.
  3. The group travels up, and always goimg to the right, and they encounter a closed door. Girg opens it to find a barracks like room with more than half a dozen long dead dearf and orc bodies, being gnawed on by ghouls.
  4. Alafa unleashes a Vitriol Sphere from his Staff of Power bathing the room in acid with Girg to run clean up.
  5. Later the party travels out of the room through another door and finds a chamber who"s ceiling opened up about 40 feet. In the center lies nearly 2 dozen corpses.
  6. Tim scouts it out and returns in a panicked flight being chased by a swarm.
  7. Strith steps up an uses his Gong of the Summit technique to dispatch the entire swarm in an instant.

06/08/2015 – Mines Called Wave Echo

  1. The group found a room full of skeleton warriors which we reduced to nothing more than ashe by Ao’s holy light. The book 50 Shades of Stone was found.
  2. Then they found a room with old dwarven documents detailing valuable stones and minerals, as well as weigh ins. There was a chest, where the group found some coin.
  3. They later stumbled into a cavern with 5-6 foot tall green, mushrooms that would release toxic spores as a reaction to movement. The group decided to avoid this area for now.
  4. They backtrack a ways, and found a later room, almost like a dining hall. To the west they encountered a pack of hungry ghouls.
  5. Somehow the group was split up, losing Girg, while Strith, Prior and Alafa found nearly a dozen dwarven Zombies. Palna managed to find the three, as the group discovered a massive forge and a cackling floating skull shrouded in GREEN FLAMES!


06/15/2015 – Unnecessary Combat

  1. The group defeated the Flameskull by using some of the holy water Prior had on had and Strith’s elemental mastery to created a cage of ice. The flameskull’s fire slowly melted the ice, dissolving it in holy water.
  2. At the same time Girg was running away from an Ochre Jelly. His attacks with Char and Sharp proved useless.
  3. The group eventually caught up to Girg after defeating the Flameskull and helped dispatch the Jelly of No Experience. It did climb up the wall and belly flop on top of Ao, dealing 36 points of damage.
  4. Now with the grow not split up, they rested up and ventured further to the east of the cave. They came across a huge body of water, which is where the booming echoing sound generates.
  5. They found a large drop off, but turned back because they might have been spotted.
  6. Venturing deeper into the cave, they found 2 doors that were actually a very heavy wood but charred and seemingly exposed to violent magics. Upon opening one of the doors, the group found a glass anvil with GREEN FLAMES inside of it, and a floating Spectator!

Abandoned Mines

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